The ECODAS process is designed to serve the needs of infectious waste generators whether from the healthcare industry, food and animal meat processing, slaughterhouses, airports, airlines, seaports, or ships as well as the offsite service providers. The final treated waste is converted to safe neutralized waste that can be disposed off as regular municipal waste or it can enter a waste recovery chain. With a presence in over 100 countries, ECODAS company is the world leader in the treatment of infectious waste.



Since 1993, ECODAS company designs, manufactures, and markets systems for the treatment and processing of infectious and regulated medical waste (RMW).

With extensive experience industrial manufacturing and production of pressurized equipment for the textile and food processing industry, our team perfectly masters modern metalworking and the engineering of thermal processes.

Through its partnerships and sophisticated distribution network, ECODAS exports its product-line to the five continents realizing 80% of its turnover from export sales.

ECODAS became a major global player in the medical waste industry simply due to its process and systems that are well known worldwide for superior performance in terms of safety, reliability, flexibility, ease of use, and sustainability while remaining cost-effective.

As part of an adopted and true sustainable development strategy, ECODAS machines are made of high grade recycled stainless steel.


For over 20 years, our products are produced entirely in our manufacturing plants in north France. Located at the crossroads of Europe between London, Paris, and Brussels, our facilities benefit from an ideal geographical location allowing our national and international customers easy reach for sites visit while giving ECODAS access to the largest European seaports and airports.

Our ISO 9001 certification was obtained in 2000 and allows us to put in place a continuous improvement structure for our products and services and to execute it flawlessly. With 80% of sales in export we adapted to different norms, applicable standards, and specific requirements for the manufacturing of pressure vessels in each market including in Europe, United States of America, Japan, China...
Our extensive distribution network enables us to not only ensure the sell but also the installation, commissioning, training, and after-sales service support of our systems in place.
It is not only our business to offer our customers worldwide an effective, reliable, and sustainable solution for the treatment of infectious waste but it is also our passion.

World Leader

ECODAS stems from the textile industry; during its restructuring in the 1990s ECODAS immediately understood what is at stake for the protection of the environment.

Over time, this certitude has been confirmed but becoming a global problem by the same token.

Since its early beginning, ECODAS advocates and emphasizes the fundamental principle of its solution: Zero toxic emissions unlike incineration and burning technologies.

Gradually ECODAS has forged a network of reliable and loyal distributors and partners providing turnkey projects that include project planning, installation, commissioning, training, maintenance, and ultimately the all-inclusive operation of its Systems.

Areas of Activities

Since its inception, ECODAS is specialized in the manufacturing of machinery for the sterilization of infectious and regulated medical waste (RMW).

Having acquired international recognition in this field, ECODAS now diversifies its application to animal meat and food processing operations, slaughterhouses, airports, airlines, seaports, and ships as well as the destruction of confidential documents.

ECODAS offers these industries a "Green" and sustainable solution for the treatment of generated infectious waste by pre-grinding and steam sterilization.

Worldwide Presence

We have a global distribution network. We are present in: Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Oceania.


2013 : ECODAS company has been rewarded with the ADEME trophy - Jury's favourite Greentech Export Trophy during the Export Greentech Awards 2013 which took place in POLLUTEC - PARIS on December 2013.
2011 : Performance Prize – Category Best Exporter – North region – LES ECHOS
2009 : International Prize – Ambition Award – North East Region – LA TRIBUNE
2009 : Sustainable Development Special Prize – Ambition Award – North East Region – LA TRIBUNE
2008 : Best Exportating Company 2007 prize - 1st Mondissimo convention of International trade & International Mobility
2008 : Grand Prix Ecodas was honored by the Industrial Society of Northern France and was awarded the Grand Prix of the Chamber of Commerce Grand Lille
2006 : Performance Prize – Category Innovation - North East Region,– LES ECHOS
2006 : Citizen action prize – Alliance Network
2005 : Trophy GAZELLE 2005 given by the Ministry for the Small and Medium-sized companies, the Commerce, the Craft Industry and the liberal professions. Price rewarding the 2000 French companies having known the strongest growth in 2003-2004
2004 : Trophy Biology Health 2004 - Price Innovation and Development with International given by the Club Eurasanté Developers
2002 : Trophy International promotion Future Export given by UBIFRANCE